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1977 Ford F250 Ranger 460

This is a story about a truck.  Not just any truck, it's one of those "thousand dollar specials" you buy because you think it'll be SO easy to fix up, only to realize that you paid about $900 too much for it!  From fixing rust to replacing the gas tank that the previous owner "swore" was good, or from fixing manifold coolant leaks to completely cutting the bed off with a sawzall, this truck has seen it all.  Through it all, it's been a trooper - always started up (sometimes needing a jump or some starting fluid) when I needed it to, and only left me stranded on the side of the road a few times (dead starter solenoid, and then the whole debacle I had the day I bought it).

It's got the biggest engine Ford ever offered in a passenger vehicle - 460CID (7.5L for the Metric fans!), a nearly indestructable C6 Transmission & NP205 gear driven transfer case, a Super Heavy Duty Dana 60 Rear end and a Dana 44HD front axle.  When you absolutely have to move two and a half tons of landscaping stone, this is the truck you want.  It did it, and you could barely notice that it was overloaded, except that the rear springs were actually comfortable for once!

Pictures to come soon!

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