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This page is going to be about my wife's SUV.  It's pretty much completely stock at this point.  However, I'm slowly and sneakily assembling parts to do an exhaust swap on it - using the Grand Cherokee SRT Headers, Midpipe, and some of the cat-back exhaust, I'll be able to free up the airflow significantly.  People doing it to the standard Hemi Grand Cherokee's (not the SRT version) report a significant horsepower gain - up to 30hp at the wheels, as well as a noticable bump in fuel economy.  The fuel economy increase is due to the way the Jeep/Chrysler ECM is programmed - it runs a cylinder deactivation routine anytime the throttle is below a certain threshold, and the speed is above a minimum level (usually 25-30mph).  With a significant amount of torque gained through the free flowing exhaust, the throttle input is reduced, allowing the ECM to go into cylinder deactivation mode, and remain there longer!

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